About CAA

The Chartered Accountants' Association Ahmedabad (CAA) was established as a voluntary organization on 15th December, 1951.  At present, CAA has about 1425+ members not only from Ahmedabad but from all over the country.

The main objects of CAA are:

1.To spread education in the science and art of Accountancy and all its branches and in particular in relation to matters of professional interest to Chartered Accountants such as Taxation, Audit, Finance, Commercial legislation, Computer Science, etc.

2. To better equip Chartered Accountants to enable them to discharge their obligations towards the advancement or promotion of trade, commerce and industry thereby leading to economic prosperity for the benefit of the entire community.

3. To carry on activities for the extension of knowledge in the field of accounting, financial research, management and related science.

4. To provide continuous education to its members in particular and tax paying public at large. It has always been the main concern at CAA to see that members keep pace with fast changing times.

CAA functions through its executive committee and various sub- committees.

CAA educates the members through various lecture meetings and Seminars. CAA is also publishing a book-let in English and Gujarati on the budgetary proposals for the benefit of members, their clients and the public at large. CAA also arranges lecture meetings to educate the society.

CAA also publishes monthly magazine "Ahmedabad Chartered Accountants Journal", covering topics of professional interests. CAA educates its members through annual Residential Refresher Courses, Non Residential Refresher Courses, Study Circle Meetings and Brain Trust Meetings.

With the opening of economy and globalization, CAA has also taken up plans to educate the members on the latest topics of E-Commerce etc. CAA is equipped with a vast library which includes the latest books on wide range of subjects as well as electronic database of case laws on direct taxes.

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