President Message

Respected Members,

It is my last message as President of this august association. It felt as if the year went by in a jiffy with so many events happening in it. It was extremely lucky of me to have got this opportunity exactly after 50 years of my grandfather holding this post. However, at a personal level, I had also suffered one of the greatest loss of the demise of my father but as a professional and being at the apex of this association, I had to cope up quickly and try to get things in order. The priorities in life at this age changes drastically after such a setback. A person starts to appreciate life in a different manner and the gravity of weight coming down on the shoulders increases manifold. Fortunately, with friends and family including the professional family at CAA, I could gather myself.

I tried to bring in new initiatives in form of keeping the study RRC at a religious destination like Nathdwara under leadership of CA Atul Shah wherein we saw great participation. Group discussion on subject like audit was a first ever which the participants and the faculty CCM Vishal Doshi enjoyed equally. 54th RRC of CAA at Nepal was another first wherein ICAI Ahmedabad branch joined CAA. The talent evening led by CA Raju Shah was a major success with many acts being cheered for repetition. First time, Diwali gathering saw the presence of ICAI President Aniket Talati with Vice President Ranjit Agrawal along with galaxy of CCMs. The CA Association day was celebrated with pompous at Crowne Plaza in form of half day seminar which saw presence of faculties like Sr. Adv. Tushar Hemani and Adv. Uchit Sheth. We also had a unique topic on Equity markets led by our past president CA Yamal Vyas where members were given insights on dealing with equity especially the selling part. The stocks discussed are actually faring well and if members would have taken investment decisions, they were sure to get benefitted. CA Rajni Shah took the revamping of Ahmedabad Journal and introduced better articles and printing quality enhancing the brand image of CAA.

The most important initiative, my dream of website of Ahmedabad CA Association Journal (ACAJ) is fulfilled. The project is led by Vice President CA Riken Patel. I am happy to share that the website is live and we have started the process of uploading journals of past 5 years. Members can easily access this library of information in the digital era. Another initiative which saw fruits was Tech Tuesday. The information technology committee led by CA Rushabh Shah have been, with great discipline, sending an email every tuesday regarding tech tools for benefit of members at large. The feedback received from members is phenomenal. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to CA Atul Shah and CA Parth Joshi whose books got published under the banner of CA Association.

Detailed report will be given in the annual report about all other activities we did during the year like brain trust, direct and indirect tax lectures along with important representations and of course the sports in form of cricket matches and box cricket. There are a lot of tasks which remained to be done and I am very sure that upcoming President will take the initiatives forward. I am very thankful to all members who have given me this opportunity to serve one of the largest autonomous body of Chartered Accountants and I would give my services to the association as and when possible. Thank you.

CA. Shivang R. Chokshi, President
Chartered Accountants Association, Ahmedabad
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