President Message

Dear Members,

With boundless gratitude for the confidence placed in me by all the members, I feel deeply honoured to become 63rd President of Chartered Accountants Association Ahmedabad. Let me take the opportunity to congratulate Immediate Past President CA Chintan Doshi and his team for a very successful term. While sitting on the Dais I could see the Stalwarts of the profession and Past Presidents who have nurtured this August Association, looking at me with faith in their eyes, to take up the charge and carry out my tenure in the most proficient manner. It's a proud moment for me that they have allowed me to take up responsibility on my shoulder. But a single head achieves nothing, so I am counting on your support to achieve growth and goals of the Association.

While jotting down my views and thoughts process, I can vividly foresee challenges and opportunities that I and my team of Office Bearers and Executive committee have to deal with, for the members of Association. Being aware of responsibility and challenges I am looking forward to diligently perform my duties and strive to achieve the vision of the association with the support and encouragement from Respected Past Presidents, Chairman of the various committee, Office bearers and Executive committee. Time and again I have narrated that for any association to grow, a larger and effective strength of members is inevitable, and to achieve this vision I along with you all members will try to ensure that we add minimum of 200 new members to this august association.

New ideas have come across for enrolling Young Chartered Accountants by Executive committee and therefore it's a pleasure for me to announce that Chartered Accountants who have not completed their five years of membership Lifetime fees have been reduced from INR 7500 to INR 4000. Brain Trust is also a showcase of Association and has been successful since decades, to facilitate more and more members to take advantage of Brain Trust session we have introduced Firm and Corporate Membership whereby firm or corporate will be able to assign any two members from their organization by paying a single fee.

Association believes in the Go Green concept and on my part, I will be making efforts for greater spread and larger readership of the e-Journal, which should not remain confined to Gujarat, but spread to the entire region of Western India. We have till date added 8000 members on a various social media platform and all programs of Association will be reaching to even non-members.

My resolution for the year is to offer members an enriched service experience from CAA. As a professional, we have to update ourselves by attending the study circle meetings and seminars. Keeping this in mind, this year we have planned to have frequent study circle meetings on direct and indirect taxes and allied laws so as to enrich the knowledge of the CAA members.

A successful program on recent changes in ITR has enriched members with knowledge. In coming months we shall be launching study series on GST, RERA Compliances, Valuation & Concurrent Audit of Banks. International RRC is launched, where first-time mammoth 87 participants along with spouse are participating to enrich the culture of Russia. We received an unprecedented response to International RRC and had to close registration in hours of the launch of the Program. With hard and smart work of Committee, RRC will be beyond success and it shall definitely create a benchmark in the years to come.

This is an era of women and therefore first time we have introduced Committee for Women Empowerment. We will conclude good women-centric programs in the time to come and we will thereby ensure effective participation of women in various programs of the CA Association.

This year I will be fortunate to have two Union Budget under my tenure-ship as President. We are equipped with the best force to accommodate members with timely supply of Budget Booklet and will try to ensure that it reaches to a mass of 12000 people across Gujarat.

Life always brings challenges but in challenges there are opportunities. May the new government which will form, brings us lots of opportunities and we as professionals stay equipped for nation building activities in terms of serving client and government. To address challenges and to cater opportunities CA association has played a vital role in providing best guidance from seniors of the profession and at the same time giving a great platform for group discussion and brainstorming activities in form of various study circles.

The success of CA Association has always been small but interested members who go in depth of the subject matter and to outshine their accolades by gaining thorough knowledge from the speakers and mentors of the study circle. I request all the members to attend study circle, brain trust programs invariably and to make it more fruitful by active participation.

CA Association has been very successful in making effective representations for members. I can assure you that CA Association will not stay back in making Legal Representations at various forums whenever and wherever needed. We have always remained part of various professional associations and our support shall continue with a view to ensure that members at large get the advantage.

Before concluding, I would like to draw your attention to the words of Chanakya, "A man is great by deeds, not by birth." He also quoted that "A learned man is honoured by the people. A learned man commands respect everywhere for his learning. Indeed, learning is honoured everywhere" Let us imbibe this into our minds and do justice to the hopes of countrymen by using our knowledge as a tool to shape the future of the country.

Jai Hind !!!

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