President Message

As we all know, year 2020 entered with a bunch of challenges and surprises for all of us - however for me it turned like the silver lining on the cloud, as I come forward to live my dream of chairing the position of President of the association of an esteemed accounting profession, and here I am penning my first message as 64th president of CAA.

Members and society surely would be having aspirations from the new president to deliver. I believe that the coming year will be a year of turning unturned stones by changing challenges into innovative approaches and trying and testing new things. Such time reaffirms our belief that "The only thing that remains constant is Change and if we do not ride the wave of change, we will find ourself beneath it!

As I took charge from Anand, I must say that he has done his job in an excellent manner and taken the association forward with varied and all round activities throughout the year. I congratulate him for his wonderful tenure and would lovingly remind him that his job is not over and I will look forward to his continued support throughout the year. As I preside, I will take charge of the association from its current wonderful height and will strive to take it to a notch higher. I understand that the post of president is not to enjoy the designation but to fulfill the duties cast upon and to meet upto the aspirations and expectations of members in this continuous changing and challenging times. I pledge here that, I will attend all my duties and fulfil all my responsibilities with complete dedication, diligence and dignity.

Before discussing about the planning for the next year, I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to some of those vital contributors to my career path, without whom, I wouldn't be here. First one are my parents and my wife Nehal. Followed by my principal Shri Rajnibhai Shah, like my elder brother - my friend Shri Rajubhai Shah, my partners and my entire team of Mistry & Shah.

I am really thankful to the Association for giving me opportunities to interact with respected seniors from whom I learned a lot in all aspects of professional and personal life. Association has given me good friends for lifetime and have also helped in reviving old friendship.

It is a matter of great pride that our association is considered as one of the most prestigious association in India and I am feeling proud to say that I am the successor of all such past presidents who contributed their valuable time, energy and shared their experiences and skill to take our association to such a great height.

Last year was the year full of activities at Association and the way Anand has discharged his duties as the president - he has done a remarkable job. It is worth mentioning that the association office location was changed twice and both times it was seamlessly handled by the team under Anand's leadership! . Anand is an ambitious person, always ready to do something new with full faith in himself and his team. I once again, congratulate Anand for such a commendable performance.

As we all know that till date year 2020 has witnessed many challenges like pandemic of Covid 19, disturbance with neighboring countries, Earthquake, Locust attack, and cyclone. Covid 19 has changed our entire life style and the way of working. It is something like the world will be divided into 2 parts - BC ie Before Covid and AC i.e. After Covid. Like everything comes with pros and cons, one of the positive side of Covid 19 is that we have adopted new technology like we learnt how to work from home and connect office remotely, we have now T-Club on Video Conference, with same level of enthusiasm and with more convenience.

We have even started conducting webinars and it had fantastic responses. The number of participants were more than physical seminars.

These changes as regards use of technology are thought provoking and hence during my tenure we will work for the motto: "EXPENDING HORIZION WITH DIGITAL EXCELLANCE"

But before I share my plan on Digital Excellence, we have our vital task to have our owned office for CA Association. As you all aware, we have vacated office allotted by Income Tax Department post their shifting from CU Shah building to their own building. Shri Samirbhai Shah and Shri Ketulbhai Patel have been kind enough to give their office without any charge as a stop gap arrangement. Association is thankful to them for their support. As a well reputed professional body, we should have proper office infrastructure to show case our self and build our brand. My predecessor Anand Sharma and his team have almost finalized one office. It is my humble request to all members to come forward and contribute towards building a brand image of our Association office. Donation made to our Association is eligible for deduction under section 80G. Members can also request their clients for contribution, as donation to our association is eligible for CSR. We will issue separate circular with details.

Plan for Digital Excellence:
1. To organize seminars and program with best faculty of India thru online platform.
2. To start online workshop for Tally, SAP, IFRS, Valuation, International Taxation etc.
3. Make available repository of recordings of all seminars exclusive to the members of Association
4. Creating digital library of all publication, Journal Article and discussion forums.
5. Introducing new online platform for our Association's activity
6. To find solution for auto payment of annual membership fees for Annual members and also for mutual benefit scheme. Presently it is a pain area as lot of Association resources and costs are consumed for collection.
7. e-journal with read facility.
8. As far as possible, promoting electronic publication only.
9. Till the time we completely come out of the COVID pandemic we shall try to entertain you digitally. Entertainment committee is working to entertain you to the best possible way.
10. Sports Committee will also come out with online Yoga, Aerobics sessions.
11. To improve social media campaign to attract young members to our Association.

I am unable to find solutions for online RRC. But rest assured, as soon as the present conditions improves and if it is safe to travel, we will definitely have all RRC.

The recognition and respect this association has garnered over the years would not have been possible without the patronage and support of our valued members. I urge all members to come forward for an active participation in all our efforts and programs organized by the Association and share your views and expectations.

With this I once again thank all of you for having faith in me and considering me to preside the Association's chair. With your support and co-operation, I am sure; I will ably discharge my duties and responsibilities. I wish to thank you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

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