Chartered Accountants Association, Ahmedabad

Dear Members

With interminable gratitude for the confidence placed in me by all the members, I feel deeply honoured to become 64th President of Chartered Accountants Association Ahmedabad. Let me take the opportunity to congratulate immediate Past President, CA Anand Sharma and his team for a very successful term.

Members and society surely would be having aspirations from the new president to deliver. I believe that the coming year will be a year of turning unturned stones by changing challenges into innovative approaches and trying and testing new things. Such times reaffirms our belief that “The only thing that remains constant is Change and if we do not ride the wave of change, we will find ourself beneath it!  

As I preside, I will take charge of the association from its current wonderful height and will strive to take it to a notch higher. I understand that the post of president is not to enjoy the designation but to fulfill the duties cast upon and to meet upto the aspirations and expectations of members in this continuous changing and challenging times. I pledge here that I will attend all my duties and fulfil all my responsibilities with complete dedication, diligence and dignity.  

As we all know that till date year 2020 has witnessed many challenges like pandemic of Covid 19, disturbance with neighbouring countries, Earthquake, Locust attack, and cyclone.  Covid 19 has changed our entire life style and the way of working, Like everything comes with pros and cons, one of the positive side of Covid 19 is that we have adopted new technology; like we learnt how to work from home and connect office remotely, we now conduct T-Club on Video Conference and all this is with same level of enthusiasm but with more convenience.   We have even started conducting webinars and it had fantastic responses! The number of participants were much more than physical seminars. Even recent AGM witnessed huge participants as compared to previous AGMs.  


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