CA. Shivang R. Chokshi, President
Chartered Accountants Association, Ahmedabad
Respected Members,

It is my last message as President of this august association. It felt as if the year went by in a jiffy with so many events happening in it. It was extremely lucky of me to have got this opportunity exactly after 50 years of my grandfather holding this post. However, at a personal level, I had also suffered one of the greatest loss of the demise of my father but as a professional and being at the apex of this association, I had to cope up quickly and try to get things in order. The priorities in life at this age changes drastically after such a setback. A person starts to appreciate life in a different manner and the gravity of weight coming down on the shoulders increases manifold. Fortunately, with friends and family including the professional family at CAA, I could gather myself.


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