President Message

Dear Members,

It's rainy season and news is flowing in of good monsoon in almost every part of the country. Unfortunately, our city of Ahmedabad is still waiting for rain gods to get pleased and shower upon us. Hope, when you are reading this message, our thirst is quenched and our souls are charged for upcoming season - the return filing season. 31st July being the due date for filing returns for non-audit cases, we all will be busy with our professional work and more so this year as now comes the provision of late fees if return is not filed by the due date.

On one side the temperature is settling down and on the other we all should be careful that our body and mind's temperature do not rise because of the increasing work load. Let's all plan our work diligently and efficiently so that we are relaxed in and through our professional commitments and eagerly charged up to welcome the coming month of August which is full of festivities.

Events at the Association :
45th Residential Refresher Course of the Association was held at the holy city of Amritsar. We had a record breaking participation of 126 delegates, out of which 70 were the Chartered Accountant members. I am extremely honored to share that for the first time ever, the RRC started with the National Anthem and again for the first time, the Chief Guest of the inaugural session was from the armed forces, BSF. It was a very proud moment for the Association that VSM DIG Mr. J. S. Oberoi, the highest decorated DIG in India addressed at the RRC. It was a spellbound experience for all present as the respected Chief Guest shared his real life incidents with us. He reminded our duty in the nation building with his message that the forces looked after the nation by securing our borders and we chartered accountants should take care of the nation by performing our obligatory duties and properly managing the finance and economy of the nation. The dais was shared by past president of ICAI and the Association, CA. Sunil Talati as Guest of Honor.

The RRC had a combination of different subjects from Direct and Indirect Taxes and also Company Law. Expert faculties in their respective fields explained complicated provisions in an easy to understand language. With study, the delegates also visited Golden Temple offering prayers and seeking blessings at Harmandar Saheb. The visit to Attari Border was the most thrilling experience where we witnessed the beating retreat ceremony with great sense of pride and patriotism.

Information Technology Committee arranged an informative seminar on "Use of Tally for Audit" which got an overwhelming response. More than 120 participants attended the program.

I am happy to share that the Income Tax Study Series is soon completing. I am sure the participants are enjoying the revision and brushing up various important provisions of the Income Tax Act.

Meaning: In this world there is no purifier as great as knowledge
- This statement applies to all forms of knowledge, be it spiritual or be it material science. The knowledge of one's own self, the knowledge of the eternal truth is emphasised as the real knowledge in the Vedas. Opposite of the knowledge is "ignorance." Ignorance of our true nature, ignorance of our origin has made us fall into so much of suffering in our life. We have covered ourselves with ignorance and the root cause for it is the development of "ego". There is nothing so sublime and pure as transcendental knowledge. Such knowledge is the mature fruit of all mysticism,and one who has achieved this enjoys the self within himself in due course of time.

Happy Learning...

CA. Chintan M. Doshi

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